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    Guillermo Rubio


    Thanks for answering my last question, im almost done with the work with the gantt and it works well, probably we´ll purchase and use it in production. The only problem we have left is when user renders the second gantt, let me explain:

    I have several “proyects” in diferent tabs, i open first tab go to see the gantt and renders with no problem, but when i go to second tab or proyect and go to see the gantt, it throw an error:

    smart.ganttchart.js:90 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘selectionMode’)
    at BaseElement.propertyChangedHandler (smart.ganttchart.js:90:1)
    at t.updateProperty (smart.ganttchart.js:62:1)
    at BaseElement.set [as disableSelection] (smart.ganttchart.js:62:1)
    at GanttChart.componentDidRender (ganttchart.esm.js:1849:1)
    at GanttChart.componentDidMount (ganttchart.esm.js:1875:1)
    at commitLifeCycles (react-dom.development.js:20663:1)
    at commitLayoutEffects (react-dom.development.js:23426:1)
    at HTMLUnknownElement.callCallback (react-dom.development.js:3945:1)
    at Object.invokeGuardedCallbackDev (react-dom.development.js:3994:1)
    at invokeGuardedCallback (react-dom.development.js:4056:1)


    I tried using exacly the same datasource and everything exacly like the first tab but the second tab always throw error.

    In the develop server that we have insted of throwing error it just prints it wrong , ill paste 2 images 1º how prints it when is the first tab i click and it does good, and 2º when it has the problem


    Guillermo Rubio

    ok, i figured out the error  Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘selectionMode’) fixes just by deleting the property disableSelection. Also i fixed the style problem by taking out the custom theme, i still have the problem when i load the 2nd gantt it calculates  the endDate of all task to be in year 2100



    Could you, please give us more details?
    If I understand correctly, you have tabs and in each tab, you have a Gantt component.
    When you switch to the second tab the end date of every task is the year 2100.

    Did I understand you correctly? I am waiting for your response, so we can fix the problem as soon as possible!

    Best Regards,
    Svetoslav Borislavov

    Smart UI Team

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