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    As i said in my previous post, we are evaluating certain features with kanban component.
    When i checked taskPosition propery to be ‘leaf’ is working fine with hierarchical column structure. But in case, if we want card at any column level and tried to changes taskPosition property to be ‘all’ then for columns that dont have any cards, it is still leaving some extra space.
    In our case, we want card to be at any level under any column but not necessory at every level. For example, in your any demo page, if i dont want any card (currently there is one card “search bar”) under “Manual testing” column. if task position is “all”, it will leave some empty space for that.
    How can we avoid this behavior?


    Hello Mitesh,
    This functionality can be achieved with a few additional lines of JavaScript and CSS. We prepared a CodePen example that shows how to disable the adding of tasks to “Manual testing”: We hope it is helpful to you.
    Best regards,
    Smart HTML Elements Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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