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    How do you simply get a string type list of all column labels/datafields in their current order that respects their current position after dragging and dropping, etc.


    Also, I noticed that I always get stale data that is not up to date when I try something like:
    grid.columns.toArray().forEach(function(element) {
    console.log(element.visibleIndex + element.dataField);
    So, what could be the proper way to do this? Any help is much appreciated.


    Hi Felix George,
    After columns reorder, the columns array is updated. For example, if you drag the first column and drop it after the last column, the resulting array in our demo is:

    0: Proxy {label: "Last Name", width: 150, dataField: "lastName", dataType: "string", visibleIndex: 0, …}
    1: Proxy {label: "Product", width: 200, dataField: "productName", dataType: "string", visibleIndex: 1, …}
    2: Proxy {label: "Quantity", width: 100, dataField: "quantity", dataType: "number", visibleIndex: 2, …}
    3: Proxy {label: "Unit Price", width: 100, dataField: "price", cellsFormat: "c2", dataType: "number", …}
    4: Proxy {label: "Total", dataField: "total", cellsFormat: "c2", dataType: "number", visibleIndex: 4, …}
    5: Proxy {label: "First Name", width: 150, dataField: "firstName", dataType: "string", visibleIndex: 5, …}
    length: 6
    __proto__: Array(0)

    Best regards,
    Peter Stoev
    Smart UI Team


    I get the exact same thing (in developer tools upon variable inspection).  So, the problem is not catchable in dev tools in the browser.
    But, if you run a for loop and try to use that data, you will get a stale version of it, unless I’m doing something wrong. For example, how would you extract the strings from that columns array at the end of the columsdragged event?  I have done this several times and I always get stale and outdated state of the strings in their original order.  I gather that you will get the same result if you run the code I printed in the second post. Please advise.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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