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    hello –
    i am reframing this question since there may be an easier way to do this.
    if you select both “Coffee Milk” and “Liquor Coffee”, close the window, then click either of the selections displayed, then the drop-down neatly opens and also “scrolls” to the item just selected, so either “Coffee Milk” or “Liquor Coffee” will display, depending on which one you clicked.
    is there some way i can determine which displayed selection was clicked?   perhaps a callback?   i notice that using the “open” event that examing the “event” variable does not appear to contain whatever option was selected unless i somehow missed it.
    i apologize for all these nagging questions!


    Hi edwardsmarkf,
    currently there’s no way to determine what was clicked from the details of the event.
    Best Regards,
    Smart HTML Elements Team


    i see the word “currently” – i have written to sales to see if there possibly a paid way to make this option available soon.  i believe the community will find this feature to be very useful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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