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    Hi !
    I have a question about Docking Layout. How can I call content tag of  LayoutPanelItem into HTML :  <smart-docking-layout></smart-docking-layout>
    without mentionned it into Json, for example I want to set content of tab1 into the tag smart-docking-layout:
    type: “LayoutGroup”,
    orientation: “horizontal”,
    items: [
    type: “LayoutGroup”,
    items: [
    type: “LayoutPanel”,
    id: “item1”,
    label: “Tabs 1”,
    tabPosition: “top”,
    dropPosition: [“top”, “bottom”, “header”, “layout-top”, “layout-left”, “layout-right”, “layout-bottom”],
    items: [
    type: “LayoutPanelItem”,
    id: ‘tab1’,
    label: “Tab 1”,
    selected: true
    //content: “Item dropping is allowed only on the top, bottom and header positions.”
    min: 200,
    size: 627
    Could you help me please !
    Thank you.


    Hi soumaya,
    it is not possible set the content of a LayoutPanelItems inside the HTML tag of the element on initialization. The proper way to set the content is by defining it inside the json or dynamically change it later using the update method documented in the API or use the id of the target item and change it’s innerHTML property to the new content. Here’s an example:
    1) Using the update method

    const targetLayoutPanel = document.getElementById('#item1');
    document.querySelector('smart-docking-layout').update(targetLayoutPanel, { items: [{index: 0, content: 'New Content Here ...' }]});

    2) Changing the content directly using innerHTML

    const targetLayoutPanelItem = document.getElementById('#item1');
    targetLayoutPanelItem.innerHTML = 'New Content Here ...';

    Best Regards,
    Smart HTML Elements Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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