New Kanban Component

Enterprise-ready Kanban Component

We are happy to share with you that our Smart UI 7.4.0 release, brings a new Kanban UI component. Demos are available for both Web Components & Angular here: and

Kanban represents a UI component for mapping and visualizing each step of your process as a flow. The Kanban is usually named after the project you are assigned to work on. Every Kanban has three main sections that show the state of your tasks in the flow:

- To Do - the area where you place the work that you plan to work on next.
- In Progress: when you start working on a particular task/card, you have to move it to "In Progress".
- Done: when the task is completed -> move it to Done.

new kanban component Some of the Kanban features are:
  • Kanban Columns collapse
  • Kanban Card comments
  • Kanban User Privileges
  • Kanban Card Switch Users
  • Kanban Tasks progress
  • Kanban Tasks templates
  • Kanban Editing
  • Kanban Sorting
  • Kanban Filtering
  • Kanban Swimlanes
  • Kanban Horizontal Orientation
  • Kanban Hierarchical Tabs
  • Kanban multiple components with drag & drop
  • Kanban State maintenance
  • Kanban Drag and Drop of multiple cards
  • Kanban Keyboard navigation
  • Kanban Export to Excel & PDF
  • Kanban Right to left layout
  • Kanban Accessibility

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