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Smart HTML Elements v4.3.0 Release

Smart HTML Elements v4.3.0 Release, Aug-28-2019 What’s New: Smart.App is extended with ‘formData’ and ‘jsonData’ properties. ‘jsonData’ gets the raw ‘data’ object. ‘formData’ gets a FormData object. Smart.App is extended with ‘smart-model’ binding to ‘Date’ objects.> Smart.Grid duplicate columns support. … Continue reading
HTML Elements

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Data Export to XLSX, PDF, CSV, TSV, XML, HTML and JSON

The newest 4.2.0 version of the Smart UI toolkit includes a very important business feature – Grid Data Export. You can now export the data from your grid component to various formats. The supported formats are .xlsx, .xml, .pdf, .csv, … Continue reading
Smart Grid

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Using Web Components with Angular

We are happy to announce that with the release of Smart HTML Elements ver. 4.1.0, we added “Using with Angular” example for each web component. These Angular examples are available in the Demos section and will help you to use … Continue reading

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