New React UI Components, Awesome Grid Updates and more

The newest release of Smart came out. It brings a new toolkit built for React JS and available through NPM installation. The new version also extends the Grouping and Filtering functionality of the DataGrid control and adds 4 new Input Components.

What's New:

  • React UI Components
  • Grid Grouping Header Panel
  • Grid Search Header Panel
  • Grid Filter Header Panel
  • Grid Sort Header Panel
  • Grid Column Chooser
  • Grid Aggregates
  • Grid Grouping basic, complex and advanced rendering modes
  • Grid Filter Row
  • Grid Excel-like Filter Menu
  • Grid Row and Column Reorder
  • Grid Row and Column Drag and Drop to different UI elements
  • MultiInput, MultiComboInput, DateRangePicker Components
  • Underlined and Outlined rendering of Editors

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