Smart UI 19.0.0

What's New:

  • Dropdown Grid mode.
  • Conditional Cells and Rows Colors for the Grid.
  • Grid Sparklines.

What's Improved:

  • DateTimeInput API. The new API allows you to customize the settings of the dropdown calendar.
  • ListBox API. Added removeItem method which allows you to remove an item by its value.
  • Gantt API. Added "scrollTo" method which allows you to scroll to a specific date.
  • Grid Clipboard functionality allows you to copy/paste entire columns.
  • Grid Header row selection. Users can select multiple rows clicking the row header checkboxes.
  • Grid CardView Styling and Appearance.
  • Grid Readonly Edit mode. Allows you to make edits which will not update the data, but fill fire "cellEditRequest" event instead.
  • Grid Dates Filtering Options. Added filter conditions such as Next Week, This Week, Last Week and similar.

What's Fixed:

  • Firefox components resize.
  • Gantt Current Time Indicator.
  • Gantt Tasks Dependencies were not working correctly from the Dialog.
  • Gantt Tooltip positioning did not work correctly.
  • Blazor Chart Animation Property.
  • Blazor Table's OnFilter event.
  • Blazor Table's PageSize property did not work correctly.
  • Grid Grouping. The Row events did not work correctly when grouping is applied.
  • Grid "autoResizeColumns" method did not work correctly when there is a Date column.
  • Grid dynamic states change when some of the states are with frozen columns.
  • Grid Fixed paste in the filter row inputs.
  • Kanban remove comment did not work correctly, when the current user is not set.
  • Kanban "ensureVisible" method is not working correctly.
  • Scheduler event resize when resources are applied.
  • Scheduler Today button was not correctly resized when a different locale is used.
  • Scheduler header buttons navigation did not behave property with fast clicks.

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