Smart UI v10.0.0

Smart UI v10.0.0 Release, August-16-2021

What's New:

  • Gantt Chart Virtualization. That feature allows you to load thousands of tasks in a gantt.
  • Gantt Chart API Updates and Changes. Addional methods, properties and events are added.
  • Kanban Column Reorder.
  • Kanban Column Edit.
  • Kanban Dynamic Task Add with UI.
  • Kanban Dynamic Tags in the edit dialog.
  • Kanban Column Menu. Allows you to collapse, edit, remove column.
  • Grid Filter Menu rendering. The filter options display icons in the popup and a match-case option is added.
  • Grid Virtual scroll rendering. Updated the UI visualization while scrolling.
  • Grid API. Additional event details, methods and properties are available.
  • Scheduler Timeline Week view. Added an options to hide the hours in the timeline week view.

Breaking Changes:

  • Gantt Chart Sorting and Filtering API is changed.

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