Smart UI v11.0.0

Smart UI v11.0.0 Release, Nov-30-2021

What's New:

  • Gantt Chart - task deadline.
  • Gantt Chart - Tooltips for the tasks. connections, resources, segments and indicators.
  • Gantt Chart - task baseline which shows the planned dataStart/dateEnd for the tasks.
  • Gantt Chart - task segments. Tasks can now be segmented into multiple sub-tasks on a single line.
  • Gantt Chart - task indicators. Task indicators show different events base on their date inside the corresponding task row.
  • Gantt Chart - date markers. Markers designate specific dates with a vertical line across the timeline.
  • Gantt Chart - New Task editing Dialog. Added tabs with general/ dependency and segments sections which allow to view and modify the connections related to the task and it's segments.
  • Gantt Chart - current time indicator and shader. Similarly to Smart.Scheduler, added current time indicator and shader that show the current time inside the timeline.
  • Grid - Slider, MultiInput, Password & Image Editors.
  • Grid - Multi-users mode. You can add Users and choose a current user in the Grid. Users can add comments and the current user data is displayed in 'Modified by' and 'Created by' columns.
  • Grid - Added new options to Add new column dialog. You can dynamically create new columns with custom Grid editors by using the "add column dialog".
  • Editor - Added a new feature - a property that enables/disables the ability to remove inline styles when executing the clearFormat.
  • Scheduler - added resource sorting ability via 3 new properties: sortBy, sorOrder, sortFunction.
  • Scheduler - show events with 0 duration (same start/end dates).
  • Phone Input and Country Input components

What's Fixed:

  • Fixed an issue in Grid's Slider Editor. When the editor's popup is outside the Grid bounds, the editor was auto closed.
  • Fixed an issue in Grid's setCellValue method. The passed value was not validated.
  • Fixed an issue in Grid's data row update. The rows array was not updated after a new row is added.
  • Fixed an issue in Editor about mobile device usage.
  • Fixed an issue in Scheduler about itemUpdate not being fired after updating an event exception.

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