Smart UI v14.2.0

Smart UI v14.2.0 Release, July-12-2022

What's New:

  • Grid custom Sorting.
  • Grid custom Filter Menu.
  • Grid custom row and cells styling with CSS classes and rules.
  • Grid Multiple columns Grouping rendering mode.
  • Grid Server-side grouping update.
  • Grid context menu.
  • Grid rows span.

What's Improved:

  • Grid UI about loading groups and rows on demand.
  • DateInput - formatString property.
  • Kanban - Filter and Sort by custom fields.
  • Kanban custom fields data export.
  • Kanban readonly mode.
  • Kanban and Grid API.
  • Grid documentation.

What's Fixed:

  • DateTimePicker Grid editor, when entering values by typing in the input field.
  • Grid Filtering about filter row enabled in Tree Grid mode.
  • Grid when a column is created without a dataField.
  • Grid about editing of numbers and formatting them in floating-point and percent.
  • Grid about column reordering when Grouping is enabled.
  • Grid about column reordering drag line position.
  • Grid about column sanitization and escape of html tags.
  • Grid about row drag line position when the grid is in container with position: fixed.
  • Table about restoring the expanded groups.
  • Table about selection with frozen columns.
  • Table about sanitizeHTML for cells and groups.
  • Form about re-creating the component.
  • Form about initialization from tags and setting the value.
  • CardView about rendering after scrolling.
  • Kanban about readonly mode and custom fields.
  • Table about Filtering.
  • Table. Keeps the groups state when expandHierarchy = true
  • Query Builder about 'change' event details.
  • Kanban about columns collapse when columnWidth is defined.
  • DateInput about formatString property.
  • PivotTable about setting dynamically columns and calculating the grand total row.
  • ListBox about itemTemplate.

Breaking Changes:

  • Kanban - editable does not disable the edit dialog anymore. Only the disableDialog property does.

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