Vertical Menu Custom Element

In this blog we are going to show you our Vertical Menu Custom Element.

The menu web component is used very frequently in user interfaces. It enables the selection of an item from a list of items. The Vertical Menu HTML tag is a menu custom element which instead of horizontally opens vertically. This is useful for example in cases where the menu has a long list of items or the sub menus have long lists. To make the menu web component appear vertically you have to set the mode property.

Vertical Menu Custom Element Features

Animation. When you enable animation you can see a nice effect when clicking an item from the menu or when the sub menus appear or disappear.

Vertical Menu Custom Element

Images. You can set images the left of the item of the Vertical Menu.

Colors and theming. The background color and the text color of the items can be defined. You can also use the built in themes.

Open direction. The sub menus can be opened on the left or on the right of the menu items.

You can see an example here.

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