Smart UI 13.1.0

Smart UI v13.1.0 Release, Mar-23-2022

What's New:

  • Kanban - UI Virtualization. This new feature allows working with 100,000+ Kanban tasks.
  • Grid - Undo/Redo for add, remove and update of Grid rows.
  • Scheduler: Video Conference Template.
  • Editor: spellcheck property - defines whether the Editor may be checked for spelling errors.

What's Improved:

  • Grid: New property editing.autoUpdateFilterAndSort. It determines whether an applied filtering and sorting will be re-applied after editing.
  • Grid: Displays specific notification if all rows are filtered.
  • Grid: Grouping rendering style.
  • Grid: Fixed columns with Drag and Drop. Automatically adds or removes fixed columns.
  • Grid: Auto-hide Grouped columns.
  • Grid: New Grouping Events.
  • Grid: Row editing history.
  • Grid: Image cell editor restrictions for upload size and number of images.
  • Grid: Performance when having date & number formatting in cells.
  • Grid: Events for the Comments.
  • Input: Selection API. The data source items now may include a 'selected' property and a new 'selectedValue' property is available.
  • Kanban: Custom Multi combo Input task field.
  • Kanban: Custom Image task field.
  • jqxDate: isValid method.

What's Fixed:

  • Grid: Summary was not updated after filtering.
  • Grid: Merged cells after editing.
  • Grid: Comments sync between Grid and Kanban.
  • Grid: Row style not applied after sorting.
  • Grid: Auto height not working correctly with the header bar turned on.
  • Grid: Filtering in Tree Grid mode.
  • Grid: Add new row with button not working in server-side mode.
  • Grid: Summary dialog auto-close on horizontal scroll.
  • Grid: Dropdownlist and auto-complete editors bug fixes when the editors with custom data source.
  • Grid: Textarea editor with Tab and Escape keys was not working.
  • Grid: Update editor after Grid data source update.
  • Grid: Image cell editor bug.
  • Grid: Right-to-Left layout rendering issue.
  • Number Input: Not working correctly with Percentages.
  • Password Input: Readonly not working.
  • Multi combo Input: Readonly open/close issue.
  • Multi combo Input selectedItems issue.
  • Date Input: calendar navigation & localization issues.
  • Datetime Picker: change event bug.
  • Scheduler: Video conferencing button click handler.

Breaking changes:

  • SCSS: .input-group is renamed to .smart-input-group.
  • Grid: onRowInserted - In the new version all parameters are with array type.
  • Grid: onRowRemoved - In the new version all parameters are with array type.
  • Grid: onCellUpdate - In the new version all parameters are with array type.
  • Grid: onRowUpdate - In the new version all parameters are with array type.
  • The above changes are because the Grid now allows CRUD via API and UI of multiple records and now we group them into a single callback call instead of multiple calls.

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