Smart UI 13.1.26

Smart UI v13.1.26 Release, Apr-05-2022

What's New:

  • Grid - New cell editor for color input.
  • Kanban - color entire column surface. The property applies different rendering to the kanban.
  • Kanban - column summary footer.

What's Improved:

  • Tree - selection API with getselectedvalues, setselectedvalues, unselectvalues methods.
  • Grid - styling API with setRowStyle and setCellStyle methods.
  • Docking layout - insert API with insertFloatingWindow method.
  • Datetimepicker - set/get API with setDate and getDate methods.

What's Fixed:

  • Grid - sort indexes bug fix. Improve sort event API.
  • Grid - dialog editors layout was not rendering correctly when the columns count is changed dynamically.
  • Blazor table - when the Table is created from html table, the buttons and anchors in TD tags with click events were not raising the events.
  • Blazor - fix for GetPropertyValueAsync method.
  • Table - Fix for templates settings with setValue method.
  • Docking layout - headerbuttons bug fix for keeping the state of the property.
  • Docking layout - dock/undock id bug fix for keeping the id property.
  • Kanban - Fix for taskUpdate event which did not fire correctly.
  • Dateinput - Fix for changing the date while the calendar is opened.
  • Grid - summary placeholder css class conflict when the Grid is used along with Bootstrap.
  • Grid - reorder drop line rendering. The reorder drop line was not rendered correctly when the Grid has margin.

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