Smart UI 14

Smart UI v14.0.0 Release, Apr-18-2022

What's New:

  • Barcode - new Barcode component.
  • QR code - new QR code component.

What's Fixed:

  • Kanban - updated kanban scss. The new change enables additional style for the Kanban board.
  • Kanban - new columnWidth property. Allows horizontal scrolling in Kanban boards.
  • Kanban - new dialogRendered property. Allows custom dialogs for Kanban boards.
  • Window - new API for move, updateContent, updateLabel.
  • Input - bug fix for selectedValues.
  • Grid - autoHideGroupColumn bug fix. The column did not appear after the group is removed.
  • Grid - sort problem in tree grid mode. Sorting was not operating correctly when the Grid was in tree mode.
  • Grid - undo/redo enable after init. Undo-redo is now enabled after the Grid is fully initialized.
  • Table - filtering, column menu and virtualization wrong rendering.
  • Input - create from option tag.

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