Smart UI 14.4.0

Smart UI v14.4.0 Release, Sep-29-2022

What's New:

  • Admin Template for Angular.
  • Admin Template for React.

What's Improved:

  • Grid Performance when rows are added dynamically.
  • Grid Image column. Configuration options for the file upload are added.
  • Query builder - sanitize html in input and select fields items. This avoids potential XSS attacks.
  • ListBox - sanitize html in list items. This avoids potential XSS attacks.

What's Fixed:

  • Grid about filtering with empty values.
  • Grid about the paste and copy values when using editor which has dataSource such as DropDownList or ComboBox editor.
  • Grid about the clipboard cut and delete when editing is disabled.
  • Grid about the keyboard delete when editing is disabled.
  • Grid about the columns property when the property is set dynamically and it contains frozen columns.
  • Grid about cells styling when filtering is applied.
  • Grid about grouping with empty rows. The rows visbile index was incorrect.
  • Grid about the edit dialog in readonly mode when editing is disabled.
  • ListBox about Filtering. The Listbox was not rendering correctly.
  • Kanban about the custom data fields rendering.
  • MultiComboInput about the selectedValues property not working correctly when set dynamically.
  • Scheduler about View property not working in Angular 14.
  • Table about browser window's resize. The rendering of the table when grouping is applied was not correct.
  • Scheduler about the date change event.
  • Calendar about the min date property. The property was with incorrect default value.
  • DateInput about the Calendar popup. The min and max dates were not synchronized correctly.

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