Grid with Very Large Data Set

One of the new additions to our Javascript Grid Web Component is the capability to load very large data sets. Example: Grid Large Data Set. In the example, we demonstrate how to load 50,000 rows and 1,000 columns. This can be achieved due to the built in Fast Data and User Interface virtualization. We create HTML Elements only for the View and update them while user scrolls. The Grid is also in unbound mode and the demo is created by using this code:

Smart('#grid', class {
	get properties() {
		return {
			appearance: {
				showRowNumber: true
			columnWidth: 100,
			dataSource: new Smart.DataAdapter(
				dataSource: 50000,
				dataFields: 1000
			onCellRender(cell) {
				cell.value = cell.row.index + '.' + cell.column.index;

To create it in unbound mode, we need to set the dataSource and dataFields properties to Numeric values which determine the Rows and Columns. The "onCellRender" callback function allows us to render cell values on demand when the cell is in the view. The Data in the example is Client Side data. If you have an application scenario, where you need to use larger data sets, our Grid offers a solution for that due through the Virtual Data Source. Check out: Grid Demos.

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