DataGrid Cells Merge and Columns Crud Features

Cells Merge - allows you to span a cell through multiple rows or columns. To use this feature, you need to access a Grid cell, through the Grid's 'rows' array. Each row in the 'rows' array has 'cells' array. It allows you to access a cell and set options of that cell like: 'rowSpan', 'colSpan', 'backgroundColor', 'color', 'value', 'fontSize', 'fontWeight' and 'fontFamily'.


Columns Crud - allows you to dynamically add, remove and update DataGrid columns. This is achieved through the DataGrid's 'columns' array which has javascript functions such as: 'push', 'pop', 'splice' for adding, removing and updating array items. Once any of these functions is called, the web component will automatically refresh itself to respond to the changes.


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