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Extend Elements with Behaviors

Our Web Components library has a feature, which allows you to dynamically extend a Custom Element with additional behaviors. We call them Modules. To add a new module, you have to call the ‘addModule’ method. In this blog, we will … Continue reading
HTML Elements, Javascript
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Get Caller JavaScript File Location

If you need to get the Path to the current Javascript file being executed, you can use this small function: const location = (function () { if (document.currentScript) { let link = document.currentScript.src; let lastIndex = link.lastIndexOf(‘/’); link = link.substring(0, … Continue reading
HTML Elements, Web Components
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DataGrid Cells Merge and Columns Crud Features

Cells Merge – allows you to span a cell through multiple rows or columns. To use this feature, you need to access a Grid cell, through the Grid’s ‘rows’ array. Each row in the ‘rows’ array has ‘cells’ array. It … Continue reading
Smart Grid
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