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Lazy Initialization of Web Components

This post shows how to create a Grid Web component and initialize it from a DIV tag The next version ver3.1.0 of Smart HTML Elements will introduce an alternative way to create a Web Component on demand from an existing … Continue reading
HTML Elements, Javascript, Web Components
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DataGrid Cells Merge and Columns Crud Features

Cells Merge – allows you to span a cell through multiple rows or columns. To use this feature, you need to access a Grid cell, through the Grid’s ‘rows’ array. Each row in the ‘rows’ array has ‘cells’ array. It … Continue reading
Smart Grid
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ListBox Custom Element with Images

ListBox Custom Element with Images In this blog we are going to show you our ListBox Custom Element with Images. The ListBox web component is a drop down list of selectable items which can be scrolled up and down. The … Continue reading
HTML Elements, Smart ListBox
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