ListBox Custom Element with Images

ListBox Custom Element with Images In this blog we are going to show you our ListBox Custom Element with Images.

The ListBox web component is a drop down list of selectable items which can be scrolled up and down. The user can select an item of the list. The ListBox can also contain rows with complex items such as conversations.

The ListBox html tag supports images and icons on the left of the items. The images can also be pictures.

ListBox Custom Element with Images Features

Scrolling. The web component supports scrolling of the items.

ListBox Custom Element with Images

Drag and drop. You can move items between listboxes by dragging an item from one of the listsboxes and dropping it on another.

Colors and theming. The background color and the text color of the items can be defined. You can also use the built in themes.

Animation. By enabling animation you can see a nice effect when clicking on an item from the listbox.

You can see an example here.

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