DateInput Blazor API

DateInput Properties

AutoCloseboolfalseDetermines whether the calendar button pop-up will be closed automatically when date or time is selected through it.
AutoCloseDelayint500Determines the delay before the calendar pop-up is automatically closed. Applicable only when autoClose is set to true.
DateTimeFormatDateTimeFormat{ day: 'numeric', month: 'numeric', year: 'numeric' }Determines the format of the dates displayed in the input. Accepts valid ECMAScript Internationalization API format. Intl.DateTimeFormat is used to format date strings in JavaScript. By default the date format is 'numeric'. The default value is: { day: 'numeric', month: 'numeric', year: 'numeric' }
DisabledboolfalseEnables or disables the element.
DropDownButtonPositionDropDownButtonPositionDropDownButtonPosition.RightDetermines the position of the drop down button.
DropDownHeightobjectautoSets the height of the drop down. By default it's set to 'auto'.
DropDownWidthobjectSets the width of the drop down. By default it's set to an empty string. In this case the width of the drop down is controlled by a CSS variable.
InputPurposestring"off"Sets the purpose of the input and what, if any, permission the user agent has to provide automated assistance in filling out the element's input when in a form, as well as guidance to the browser as to the type of information expected in the element. This value corresponds to the standard HTML autocomplete attribute and can be set to values such as 'on', 'name', 'organization', 'street-address', etc.
Localestring"en"Sets or gets the language. Used in conjunction with the property messages.
Maxobjectnew Date(2100, 1, 1)Determines the max date for the Calendar displayed inside the popup.
MessagesobjectN/ASets or gets an object specifying strings used in the widget that can be localized. Used in conjunction with the property locale.
Minobjectnew Date(1900, 1, 1)Determines the min date for the Calendar displayed inside the popup.
Namestring""Sets or gets the name attribute for the element. Name is used when submiting data inside an HTML form.
IsOpenedboolfalseDetermines whether the drop down is opened or not.
Placeholderstring""Determines the placeholder of the input.
ReadonlyboolfalseDetermines whether ot not the user can enter text inside the input. if dropDownButtonPosition is set to 'left' or 'right' then readonly determines whether the element acts as a ComboBox or a DropDownList if a dataSource is provided.
RightToLeftboolfalseSets or gets the value indicating whether the element is aligned to support locales using right-to-left fonts.
Themestring""Determines the theme for the element. Themes define the look of the elements.
UnfocusableboolfalseIf is set to true, the element cannot be focused.
ValueobjectSets or gets the value of the element. Expected value is: Date string, Date object or null.

DateInput Methods

ClosevoidN/ACloses the drop down.
GetFormattedValuevoidobject value, object formatReturns the value in the desired format.Args: object value - The value to be formatted by the method. ,object format - The object that contains the formatting properties. The argument should contain Intl.DateTimeFormat valid properties.
GetFormattedValuevoidobject valueReturns the value in the desired format.
GetIsOpenedAsync()Task<bool>'N/A'Gets the &quot;IsOpened&quot; property as Task&lt;bool&gt;.
GetValuevoidN/AReturns the date of the input.
GetValueAsync()Task<object>'N/A'Gets the &quot;Value&quot; property as Task&lt;object&gt;.
OpenvoidN/AOpens the drop down.
Refreshvoid'N/A'Refreshes the Blazor Component. Performs a layout of the HTML Elements and recalculates the measurements.
Rendervoid'N/A'Re-renders the Blazor Component. This method will make a full re-render.
SelectvoidN/ASelects the text inside the input or if it is <b>readonly</b> then the element is focused.
SetValuevoidobject valueSets the date of the input.Args: object value - The value to be set.
SetValuevoidstring valueSets the date of the input.Args: string value - The value to be set.
StateHasChangedvoid'N/A'Refreshes the state and Re-renders the Blazor Component, if necessary.

DateInput Events

NameTypeDescriptionEvent Detail
OnChangeEventCallback<Event>This event is triggered when the selection is changed.string label- The label of the new selected item., dynamic oldLabel- The label of the item that was previously selected before the event was triggered., dynamic oldValue- The value of the item that was previously selected before the event was triggered., dynamic value- The value of the new selected item.
Changedevent DateInputChangedEventHandlerThis event is triggered when the selection is changed.DateInputChangedEventArgs








DateTimeFormat Properties

DayDateTimeFormatDayDateTimeFormatDay.NumericDay format.
MonthDateTimeFormatMonthDateTimeFormatMonth.NumericMonth format.
YearDateTimeFormatYearDateTimeFormatYear.NumericYear format.