Blazor Grid - Custom Editor

Custom Editors

Smart.Grid allows you to customize or completely replace the default cell editors.

Most of the editor's properties are set using the Column.Editor property.

Built-in Editors

The Grid has available the following list of built-in editors depending on the type of data contained in the column:
'input', 'autoComplete', 'comboBox', 'dropDownList', 'image', 'numberInput',
'checkBox', 'multiInput', 'multiComboInput', 'checkInput', 'slider',
'dateTimePicker', 'timeInput', 'dateInput', 'dateRangeInput', 'maskedTextBox', 'textArea'

The code below creates a Grid of two colums. The first column is set to the 'multiComboInput' editor, while the second to 'multiComboInput'

<Grid DataSource="@Clients" Editing="editing">
        <Column DataField="Name" Label="Client Name" Editor="nameEditor"></Column>
        <Column DataField="Product" Label="Product Name" Editor="productEditor"></Column>

@code {
    class Client
        public string Name { get; set; }
        public string Product { get; set; }

        public Client(string name, string product)
            Name = name;
            Product = product;
    Client[] Clients = new Client[]
            new Client("Maria Anders", "Black Tea"),
            new Client("Bob Smith", "Caffe Espresso"),
            new Client("Mike JohnSon", "Green Tea"),

    string nameEditor = "autoComplete";
    string productEditor = "multiComboInput";

    GridEditing editing = new GridEditing()
            Enabled = true,
            Mode = GridEditingMode.Cell
Basic editors

Customize Editor

The Cell Editors can be customized by setting Column.Editor to an object, which must contain a "template" property.
The "seetings" property allows us to change some of the editors' default properties and behavior.

The code below modifies the default "multiComboInput" by allowing only a single item to be selected:

GridEditor productEditor = new GridEditor()
    Template = "multiComboInput",
    Settings = new Dictionary<string, object>()
        {"singleSelect", true}
Customized editor

Custom Editor Template

The Column Editor Template can also be set to other Smart component or an entirely editor.

In the example below, the "Product" Column Editor is set to a Smart.ComboBox element with a custom list of items:

Dictionary<string, object> productEditor = new Dictionary<string, object>()
          {"template", "<smart-combo-box/>" },
          {"settings", new Dictionary<string, object>()
                  {"dropDownAppendTo", "body"},
                  {"dataSource", new string[]{"Black Tea", "Caffe Espresso", "Green Tea", "Orange Juice", "Oat Latte"} },
Custom Editor