Grid Multi-Users support

Grid Users

The Grid component has built-in dialogs for 'comments', 'history' of edits and support for multiple users. For example, if you create a web app with a Grid, you may want to track which user edited something or enable comments between the users. In order to handle such use-case scenarios, the users and currentUser properties are available.
currentUser: 0,
users: [
	{ id: 0, color: '#8E24AA', name: 'Andrew', image: '../../images/people/andrew.png' },
	{ id: 1, color: '#41B883', name: 'Anne', image: '../../images/people/anne.png' },
	{ id: 2, color: '#53B9E6', name: 'Janet', image: '../../images/people/janet.png' },
	{ id: 3, color: '#FFCD42', name: 'John', image: '../../images/people/john.png' },
	{ id: 4, color: '#DD5347', name: 'Laura', image: '../../images/people/laura.png' }
See example with multiple users:
grid users

Dialog with comments section
grid users comments

After doing some edits in the Grid
grid after edit