Table CSS API Reference

Table CSS Styling

Smart HTML Elements use a pair of css files – smart.default.css and smart.[theme name].css. The default stylesheet creates the styles related to the element’s layout like margin, padding, border-width, position. The second CSS file applies the HTML Element’s colors, fonts, borders and backgrounds. The smart.default.css should be included before the second CSS file.

Below is the list of CSS classes and properties used by the Smart.Table.
  • –smart-font-family: Font family.
  • –smart-font-size: Font size.
  • –table-bordered: For borders on all sides of the table and cells.
  • –table-dark: For light text on dark backgrounds.
  • –table-hover: To enable a hover state on table rows.
  • –table-striped: For zebra-like rows.
  • –table-responsive: For responsive table.
  • –thead-light: For light headers.
  • –thead-dark: For dark headers.
  • –thead-surface: For headers with colors from smart-surface variables.
  • –thead-primary: For headers with colors from smart-primary variables.
  • –thead-secondary: For headers with colors from smart-secondary variables.