Splitter API Reference


animation string advanced
autoFitMode string proportional
disabled boolean false
dataSource object null
locale string en
localizeFormatFunction function null
messages object {"en":{"propertyUnknownType":"'{{name}}' property is with undefined 'type' member!","propertyInvalidValue":"Invalid '{{name}}' property value! Actual value: {{actualValue}}, Expected value: {{value}}!","propertyInvalidValueType":"Invalid '{{name}}' property value type! Actual type: {{actualType}}, Expected type: {{type}}!","elementNotInDOM":"Element does not exist in DOM! Please, add the element to the DOM, before invoking a method.","moduleUndefined":"Module is undefined.","missingReference":"{{elementType}}: Missing reference to {{files}}.","htmlTemplateNotSuported":"{{elementType}}: Browser doesn't support HTMLTemplate elements.","invalidTemplate":"{{elementType}}: \"{{property}}\" property accepts a string that must match the id of an HTMLTemplate element from the DOM.","invalidIndex":"{{elementType}}: \"{{method}}\" method accepts an index of type number.","indexOutOfBound":"{{elementType}}: Out of bound index/indexes in \"{{method}}\" method.","invalidNode":"{{elementType}}: \"{{method}}\" method accepts an object or an array of objects as it's second parameter.","invalidSettings":"{{elementType}}: \"{{method}}\" method accepts a string or an object as it's second parameter.","invalidType":"{{elementType}}: \"{{propertyName}}\" must be of type string or number."}}
orientation string vertical
readonly boolean false
resizeMode string adjacent
resizeStep number 5
liveResize boolean false
theme string
unfocusable boolean false


collapse Event
expand Event
resizeStart Event
resizeEnd Event


appendChild Method
collapse Method
expand Method
hideBar Method
items Method
insert Method
insertBefore Method
lockItem Method
lockBar Method
remove Method
removeAll Method
removeChild Method
showBar Method
unlockItem Method
unlockBar Method