ListBox API Reference


allowDrag boolean false
allowDrop boolean false
alternationCount int 0
alternationEnd int 0
alternationStart int 0
animation string advanced
autoSort boolean true
dataSource any null
disabled boolean false
displayLoadingIndicator boolean false
displayMember string ""
dropAction string move
editable boolean false
filterable boolean false
filterCallback function null
filterMode string containsIgnoreCase
filterInputPlaceholder string
grouped boolean false
groupMember string null
horizontalScrollBarVisibility string auto
incrementalSearchDelay number 700
incrementalSearchMode string startsWithIgnoreCase
itemHeight number null
items Array
itemTemplate any null
loadingIndicatorPlaceholder string Loading...
loadingIndicatorPosition string center
locale string en
localizeFormatFunction function null
messages object {"en":{"propertyUnknownType":"'{{name}}' property is with undefined 'type' member!","propertyInvalidValue":"Invalid '{{name}}' property value! Actual value: {{actualValue}}, Expected value: {{value}}!","propertyInvalidValueType":"Invalid '{{name}}' property value type! Actual type: {{actualType}}, Expected type: {{type}}!","elementNotInDOM":"Element does not exist in DOM! Please, add the element to the DOM, before invoking a method.","moduleUndefined":"Module is undefined.","missingReference":"{{elementType}}: Missing reference to {{files}}.","htmlTemplateNotSuported":"{{elementType}}: Browser doesn't support HTMLTemplate elements.","invalidTemplate":"{{elementType}}: \"{{property}}\" property accepts a string that must match the id of an HTMLTemplate element from the DOM.","overridingProperties":"{{elementType}}: Overriding properties {{property1}} and {{property2}} applied. The \"{{property1}}\" property is used by default.","invalidIndex":"{{elementType}}: \"{{method}}\" method accepts an index of type number or an Array of numbers.","indexOutOfBound":"{{elementType}}: Out of bound index/indexes in \"{{method}}\" method.","invalidItem":"{{elementType}}: \"{{method}}\" method accepts an object or an array of objects as it's second parameter.","invalidSettings":"{{elementType}}: \"{{method}}\" method accepts a string or an object as it's second parameter."}}
name string ""
placeholder string No Items
readonly boolean false
selectedIndexes array
selectedValues array
selectionMode string oneOrManyExtended
selectionChangeAction string release
sorted boolean false
theme string
sortDirection string asc
topVisibleIndex int -1
unfocusable boolean false
valueMember string ""
verticalScrollBarVisibility string auto
virtualized boolean false


bindingComplete Event
change Event
dragEnd Event
dragStart Event
itemClick Event
scrollBottomReached Event
scrollTopReached Event
swipeleft Event
swiperight Event


clearItems Method
clearSelection Method
ensureVisible Method
getItem Method
insert Method
remove Method
select Method
unselect Method
update Method