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Roadmap Apr-2024 - Aug-2024

Smart is evolving quickly. Our development schedule is very aggressive and we are committed to equip you with the best tools for Angular, React, VueJS, Javascript & Blazor development. The plan for the next release period is focused on the following improvements:

  • Spreadsheet component
  • Gantt Critical Path functionality
  • Timeline Component - Chronicle events or activities within your web applications visually. Display titles, descriptions, dates, and images in a chronological order, providing users with a clear representation of their data.
  • Scheduler Resource-specific Restricted Dates
  • Grid Quick Filter Options in the Filter Toolbar - allows you to quickly set up a filter from a select based on the column values.
  • Grid Vote column template.
  • Dropdown Tree and DropDown Grid components.
  • Radio & Checkbox group components

*) The roadmap dates may change. You can find the latest updates on this page.