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Roadmap June-2020 - Oct-2020

Smart is evolving quickly. Our development schedule is very aggressive and we are committed to equip you with the best tools for HTML5, JavaScript, Typescript and CSS3 User Interface development. The plan for the next release period is focused on the following improvements:

  • Grid Grouping Header Panel
  • Grid Search Header Panel
  • Grid Filter Header Panel
  • Grid Sort Header Panel
  • Grid Column Chooser
  • Grid Aggregates
  • Grid Grouping basic, complex and advanced rendering modes
  • Grid Filter Row
  • Grid Excel-like Filter Menu
  • Grid Row and Column Reorder
  • Grid Row and Column Drag and Drop to different UI elements
  • MultiInput, MultiComboInput, DateRangePicker Components
  • Underlined and Outlined rendering of Editors
  • Shadow DOM enabled by default
  • Lit Element integration docs
  • Stencil integration docs
  • Form Component
  • Table grouping, filtering, paging, rows with details, sticky headers
  • Tree Table
  • Pivot Table
  • React Demos & Docs for all UI components

*) The roadmap dates may change. You can find the latest updates on this page.