PasswordTextBox API Reference


animation string advanced
autoFocus boolean false
disabled boolean false
enterKeyBehavior string submit
form string
hint any null
label string
locale string en
localizeFormatFunction function null
maxLength number null
messages object {"en":{"propertyUnknownType":"'{{name}}' property is with undefined 'type' member!","propertyInvalidValue":"Invalid '{{name}}' property value! Actual value: {{actualValue}}, Expected value: {{value}}!","propertyInvalidValueType":"Invalid '{{name}}' property value type! Actual type: {{actualType}}, Expected type: {{type}}!","elementNotInDOM":"Element does not exist in DOM! Please, add the element to the DOM, before invoking a method.","moduleUndefined":"Module is undefined.","missingReference":"{{elementType}}: Missing reference to {{files}}.","htmlTemplateNotSuported":"{{elementType}}: Browser doesn't support HTMLTemplate elements.","invalidTemplate":"{{elementType}}: \"{{property}}\" property accepts a string that must match the id of an HTMLTemplate element from the DOM.","invalidNode":"{{elementType}}: Invalid parameter \"{{node}}\" when calling {{method}}.","passwordStrength":"Password strength","short":"Short","weak":"Weak","far":"Far","good":"Good","strong":"Strong","showPassword":"Show password"}}
minLength number 2
name string
passwordStrength function null
placeholder string
required boolean false
selectAllOnFocus boolean false
showPasswordIcon boolean false
showPasswordStrength boolean false
theme string
tooltipArrow boolean false
tooltipDelay number 0
tooltipPosition string top
tooltipTemplate string null
unfocusable boolean false
value string


change Event


focus Method
reset Method