Blazor - Get Started with Slider

Blazor - Get Started with Smart.Slider

Setup The Project

Follow the Getting Started guide to set up your Blazor Application with Smart UI.

Setup Basic Slider

Smart.Slider is a custom component that allows users to select a value along a custom range. It is best used for settings such as volume control and brightness intensity

  1. Add the Slider component to the Pages/Index.razor file:
  2. Set the Value property to an integer value
    <Slider Value="50"></Slider>      
  3. The orientation of the Slider can be horizontal or vertical
      <Slider Value="50"></Slider>      
      <Slider Value="50" Orientation="Orientation.Vertical"></Slider>
Basic Slider

Date Slider

In addition to numbers, Smart.Slider can also work with date values. To enable Date Slider, set the Mode property to Date and set the date format in DateLabelFormatString

<Slider Min="@minDate" Max="@maxDate" Mode="ScaleMode.Date" DateLabelFormatString="Y"></Slider>

  string minDate = "1/1/2022";
  string maxDate = "12/1/2022";
Date slider

Logarithmic Slider

In addition to normal scale, Smart.Slider can be set to logarithmic mode by setting the LogarithmicScale property

<Slider Max="10000" LogarithmicScale="true"></Slider>
Logarithmic slider

Discrete Slider

The draggable thumb can be set to snap wih a custom step value. Snapping is allows using the Coerce property. The snapping interval is set using the Interval property.

<Slider Value="50" Coerce="true" Interval="25"></Slider>
Discrete slider

Custom Interval

The ticks of the Slider can also be set to a custom, possibly uneven interval. The ticks are set as an array to CustomTicks.

<Slider Value="50" Coerce="true" CustomInterval="true" CustomTicks="@ticks"></Slider>
Custom ticks

Range Slider

When the Slider is set to range mode, the range is represented by two draggable thumbs.

<Slider Value="50" Coerce="true" Interval="25" RangeSlider="true"></Slider>
Range slider

Slider Units

The Slider component can display custom units next to each label. Set the unit in the Unit property and enable ShowUnit.

<Slider ShowUnit="true" Style="width:300px" Unit="cm"></Slider>
Unit slider

Slider Events

Smart.Slider provides an OnChange event that can help you expand the components' functionality.

  • OnChange - triggered when the value of the slider is changed.
    Event Details: dynamic value, dynamic oldValue

The demo below uses the OnChange Event to return the current value of the slider:

<div style="min-height:40px">@difference</div>
<Slider Value="50" OnChange="OnChange"></Slider>

    string difference = "";

    private void OnChange(Event ev){
        SliderChangeEventDetail detail = ev["Detail"];
        difference = detail.Value;
Slider OnChange event