LayoutItem Blazor API

LayoutItem Properties

DisabledboolfalseEnables or disables the element.
ModifiersIEnumerable<object>N/ASets or gets the modifiers of the Layout item.
Minint50Determines the min size of the item.
Labelstring"Item"Determines the label of the item.
SizeobjectN/ADetermines the size of the item.
UnfocusableboolfalseIf is set to true, the element cannot be focused.
Refreshvoid'N/A'Refreshes the Blazor Component. Performs a layout of the HTML Elements and recalculates the measurements. Rendervoid'N/A'Re-renders the Blazor Component. This method will make a full re-render. StateHasChangedvoid'N/A'Refreshes the state and Re-renders the Blazor Component, if necessary.