Pager Blazor API

Pager Properties

AutoEllipsisPagerAutoEllipsisPagerAutoEllipsis.NoneHandles pager's elipsis. Ellipsis buttons are displayed as indicators and additional help to navigate between pages.
DisabledboolfalseEnables or disables the pager.
Localestring"en"Sets or gets the language. Used in conjunction with the property messages.
MessagesobjectN/ASets or gets an object specifying strings used in the widget that can be localized. Used in conjunction with the property locale.
NavigationButtonsPositionLayoutPositionLayoutPosition.NearHandles the position of the navigation buttons.
PageIndexint0Gets/sets current page index.
PageIndexSelectorsint0Defines the number of page index selectors.
PageSizeint10Gets/sets total number of items displayed on page.
PageSizeSelectorDataSourceint[]new int[]{}Defines the data source of the element's page size selector drop down.
PagesCountint100The number of pages in the element.
ReadonlyboolfalseIf the element is readonly, users cannot interact with it.
RightToLeftboolfalseSets or gets the value indicating whether the element is aligned to support locales using right-to-left fonts.
ShowFirstLastNavigationButtonsboolfalseControlls displaying of the 'first' and 'last' navigation buttons.
ShowNavigationButtonLabelsboolfalseDisplays text content in navigation buttons instead default icons.
ShowNavigationInputboolfalseDetermines whether the navigation input is displayed.
ShowPageIndexSelectorsboolfalseDetermines whether the page index selectors are displayed.
ShowPageSizeSelectorboolfalseDetermines whether the page size selector is displayed.
ShowPrevNextNavigationButtonsboolfalseControlls displaying of the 'previous' and 'next' navigation buttons.
ShowSummaryboolfalseDetermines whether the page summary is displayed.
Themestring""Determines the theme. Theme defines the look of the element
UnfocusableboolfalseIf is set to true, the element cannot be focused.
TotalRecordsintN/AGets/sets total number of records whose pagination the Pager controls. Useful when the Pager is part of a more complex element or application.

Pager Methods

FirstvoidN/ASelects first item.
GetPageIndexAsync()Task<int>'N/A'Gets the &quot;PageIndex&quot; property as Task&lt;int&gt;.
LastvoidN/ASelects last item.
NavigateTovoidobject pageIndexNavigates to particular item.Args: object pageIndex -
NextvoidN/ASelects next pager item.
PrevvoidN/ASelects previous pager item.
Refreshvoid'N/A'Refreshes the Blazor Component. Performs a layout of the HTML Elements and recalculates the measurements.
Rendervoid'N/A'Re-renders the Blazor Component. This method will make a full re-render.
StateHasChangedvoid'N/A'Refreshes the state and Re-renders the Blazor Component, if necessary.

Pager Events

NameTypeDescriptionEvent Detail
OnChangeEventCallback<Event>This event is triggered when user selects a new item.N/A
Changedevent PagerChangedEventHandlerThis event is triggered when user selects a new item.PagerChangedEventArgs
OnPageSizeChangedEventCallback<Event>This event is triggered when page size is changed.N/A
PageSizeChangedevent PagerPageSizeChangedEventHandlerThis event is triggered when page size is changed.PagerPageSizeChangedEventArgs