animation string advanced
autoCloseDelay number 100
disabled boolean false
dropDownAppendTo any null
dropDownButtonPosition string right
dropDownHeight string/number
dropDownMaxHeight string/number
dropDownMaxWidth string/number
dropDownMinHeight string/number
dropDownMinWidth string/number
dropDownOpenMode string default
dropDownOverlay boolean false
dropDownPlaceholder string No Items
dropDownPosition string auto
dropDownWidth string/number
hint string
horizontalScrollBarVisibility string auto
label string
locale string en
localizeFormatFunction function null
messages object {"en":{"propertyUnknownType":"'{{name}}' property is with undefined 'type' member!","propertyInvalidValue":"Invalid '{{name}}' property value! Actual value: {{actualValue}}, Expected value: {{value}}!","propertyInvalidValueType":"Invalid '{{name}}' property value type! Actual type: {{actualType}}, Expected type: {{type}}!","elementNotInDOM":"Element does not exist in DOM! Please, add the element to the DOM, before invoking a method.","moduleUndefined":"Module is undefined.","missingReference":"{{elementType}}: Missing reference to {{files}}.","invalidNode":"{{elementType}}: Invalid parameter \"{{node}}\" when calling {{method}}."}}
opened boolean false
placeholder string
readonly boolean false
resizeIndicator boolean false
resizeMode string none
theme string
unfocusable boolean false
verticalScrollBarVisibility string auto


actionButtonClick Event
close Event
closing Event
dropDownButtonClick Event
open Event
opening Event
resizeStart Event
resizeEnd Event


appendChild Method
close Method
open Method
removeAll Method
removeChild Method
scrollTo Method