Password Text Box CSS API Reference

All Common CSS variables:

    The following CSS selectors can be used to style Password Text Box:

    • smart-password-text-box - the element itself. Can be used to set width and height for the whole element.
      • .smart-container - the container that holds all of the internals of the element. Shoudn't be used for styling.
        • .smart-label - an HTML Span element used to hold the label above the element.
        • .smart-content - an additional container, separated the input and password icon from the other elements.
          • .smart-input - an HTML Input element of type "password" used for the user input.
          • .smart-password-icon - an HTML Span element used to display the show/hide password icon.
        • .smart-hint - an HTML Span element used to hold the hint below the element.
        • smart-tooltip - a tooltip used about password strength visualization.


                    --smart-color: #ccc;
                    --smart-font-size: 20px;