Docs - Smart.Grid vs ag-Grid

Smart.Grid vs ag-Grid Enterprise

Smart.Grid is a new member of the jQWidgets DataGrids family. It is built by the same people behind the famous jqxGrid used by 100,000+ software engineers. Smart.Grid is a multi-purpose & multi-platform DataGrid component, which can be used in any scenario, where a Table Data visualization is needed. It is the most feature-complete DataGrid which we ever built. It includes everything we learned through our 10-year history of a company creating, supporting, and maintaining UI Development tools.

ag-Grid is built by a software engineer, who used our jqxGrid in the past(the story of ag-Grid). ag-Grid is currently the most popular data grid. It is a fast, reliable, and well-documented product.

Feature Comparison

The below table summarizes the features & differences between ag-Grid and Smart.Grid.